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    Post Teach me how to do adjust on the controls of 252 Millermatic

    I got new 252 Millermatic last Christmas present and been sit in garage. Just started do testing. I am frustrated with the Voltage/Wire-Feed Speed Motor control.
    I read the manual over and over. Still not understand clearly with the control.

    Does Miller Forum here does provide the video-"How to do use"? I can study thru the videos "how to do with" these below lists. It would helpful greatly.

    1) Voltage and Wire Feed Speed-
    2) Run-in speed (run)
    3) Preflow (PrE)
    4) Postflow(POS)
    5) Burnback (Bur)
    6) Spot Timer (SPO)
    7) Stitch Timer (dLY)
    8)Set up Push Motor Torque (SUP)
    Appreciate for input.
    MillerMatic 211

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    The 252 we have at work has a little flip down plastic piece that has a booklet in their you look at it and it has the sizes of metal what wire you are running and it will tell you what amps and wire speed to run.
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    1) Voltage and Wire Feed Speed- kinda depends on the material being welded
    2) Run-in speed (run) 80%
    3) Preflow (PrE) .2
    4) Postflow(POS) off
    5) Burnback (Bur) off
    6) Spot Timer (SPO) off
    7) Stitch Timer (dLY) off
    8)Set up Push Motor Torque (SUP) kinda need a push pull gun so off
    9) Gas C/25 gas on steel

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