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    Feb 2007
    asheville n.c.


    cant afford them but im looking 4 a no.9 4x5 thats only half and the other half is about a shade 3

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    Jan 2008
    Newfoundland, Canada


    I just purchased the new Inferno Elite Digital and love the thing. As for the warranty my book says " 2 years from date of purchase".
    Miller matic 350P
    Millermatic 252/Spool gun
    Miller Spectrum 875 plasma
    Miller Dynasty 200 DX
    Miller Coolmate 3
    Miller Elite ( INFERNO Digital)
    2008 Miller Trailblazer 302/Custom trailer
    Custom DX200 Crazy Cart
    Sofia 13 X 30 Lathe
    MODERN 10X50 knee mill with Fagor 40i DRO
    Craftex 30 Mill/Drill

    All this stuff below was done with Miller gear

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    Mar 2008


    Which vendor? I didn't see the dig. elites on Amazon when I checked yesterday.
    Oops! My mistake............I checked the invoice. It came from Indiana Oxygen Company and I paid $238 including shipping.........
    Dartmouth, MA

    Millermatic 185 MIG
    Miller Diversion 165
    Purox W200 O/A
    Grizzly 9957 Mill
    Grizzly 4030 Metal Band Saw
    Grizzly 1050 Knife Belt Sander
    Jet 1236 Metal Lathe
    TP Blast Cabinet

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    Alexandria, Louisiana


    The number for the battery is in the directions as well as how to change it unless I got the only copy..

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    Mar 2008
    Baltimore, Maryland


    Quote Originally Posted by rbertalotto View Post
    Oops! My mistake............I checked the invoice. It came from Indiana Oxygen Company and I paid $238 including shipping.........
    I got a lot of stuff from those guys. Good Company to deal with. I called and spoke with them and they were very helpful. I highly rec. these guys.
    Last edited by StillBoostin; 04-29-2008 at 06:41 PM.
    Miller Dynasty 200DX SOLD
    WeldTec Water Cooler SOLD
    Miller Millermatic 180 w/ Spoolmate 100
    20Ton press
    And lots of Cut-off and grinding wheels

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    Oct 2007
    Central Michigan

    Default Digital Elite..

    If, by any chance you move from an Elite to a Digital Elite, be aware, there's no auto-on on the Digital.. Do love the X-Mode !!!!!

    Elite Digital Hood (2007)
    Syncro200 Runner (2007)
    HyperTherm Max20 (1992)
    Century 83110 (1990)
    SpeedGlas fixed (1988)
    Linde 230 w/DC/HF/TIG (1977)
    Sears Craftsman Industrial O/A (1967)
    What - me worry???

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