Hi Everyone, I am brand new here and look forward to talking and learning from you all. I am an novice/intermediate welder that is self taught from books/vids/welding practice.

Up to now, I have been satisfied with my skill, but now I would like to take it to a different level. I am looking into welding school (I know that is the absolute best way besides experience), but I hope to get even more of an edge talking to you experienced welders.

I recently bought a Miller 220V res. spot welder (can't remember the full no. but I think it had "LM" part of it). It works very nicely and I am getting much better at using it. My only problem is that when I finish the spot weld, the contacts are sticking to the steel. It is regular mild steel sheets, between 20 ga. and 16ga. .

I am getting good welds with good fusion, but many times, the contacts stick and when I pull them apart, it leaves small traces of the copper electrodes. I tried some anti spatter, thinking that it will stop the sticking, but for the same timing as a previous weld, it burnt through the steel much faster and splattered alot.

Any help with how to stop the sticking?

Thanks very much,