Back in Nov I purchased a Red-D-Arc EX300 Inverter (that's an XM304 to ya'll). I cannot express how impressed I am with this machine. I am no fan of single process machines to begin with. That just means you need more of them. I had never had the opportunity to use a machine with arc force control before and boy do I wish I had. I use it primarily as a power source for a suitcase wire feeder with fluxcore, but have done some stick work with it. It weighs about 75 pounds and can crank out 160 amps all day long without a break on single phase 220. I think it is 250 amps at 100% duty cycle on three phase power. That is the only drawback I can see so far and I would really like to see Miller do something about it as it looks like the next one will be a Lincoln for that very reason. I need the extra power. I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner or hobby welder, unless you really want to spend a boatload of money, but if you are a pro it's well worth looking into. The only thing this thing can't do with the proper accessories is AC.

I also picked up a Lincoln AC-225 (I think it says Lincwelder on the label). This thing is so old the paint has turned dreamsicle orange. It actually belonged to a friend of my fathers (they grew up together, got married in a double ceremony - I guess you could call it lifelong friendship) who passed away from cancer a while back. His wife told my dad to take it to me as she had no use for it and didn't know if it even worked. Well it works and welds better than the new one I bought last year for skinning trailers. It weighs about twice as much too. Sometimes old isn't a bad thing.