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    Question Welding table wheel questions

    I am going to build the Miller design welding table:

    The plans call for two swivel base wheels (locking) and two stationary wheels. I will be moving this table around on the concrete floor of my shop. Is there a reason not to use swivel base wheels for all four corners instead of using 2 swivel wheels and 2 stationary wheels? Wouldn't it be easier to turn and move the table around if all four wheels were locking swivel wheels?

    I read the other threads on the forum about welding tables. A few people mentioned having a threaded leg mount to one of the wheels so that you can level the table. Would you only need to do this to one corner? Can anyone post a photo showing how to set up the threaded adjustable leg?


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    Four straight wheels go straight but don't turn. Four swivel wheels turn easy but hard to keep going straight. Two swivel two straight goes straight and is still pretty maneuverable. If ever decide to change the orientation of your table, then you are going to need your levelers on each corner.
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    i used to do 2 straight +2 swivel
    i've changed over to 4 swivel
    it's just a lot easier maneuvering stuff
    around in my small home workshop

    if you want to movemsomething straight,
    pull it, don't push it

    if you wish to level the table then you need
    levellors on all 4 legs. what happens if you lift
    one leg of a chair off of the floor?


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    Question Leveler details/photos?

    FJK, I think I will also go with four swivel wheels because I will be moving the table often, and like you said, I can pull the table to make it go straight.

    I have no idea how to build the levelers on the legs. If someone would post photos of that setup, I would appreciate it!

    Thanks for your replies!

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    I built my table off of those same plans and just recently changed out the fixed wheels.

    I do not have any levelers, floor is pretty flat.
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    I built my tables with 4 swivel/locking casters. They work okay, but I wanted the maneuverability for a small area. If you have a pretty good size floor, I'd opt for 2 swivel and 2 fixed. They will allow you much better control, but not quite as much maneuverability in a close space. The problem with 4 swivels is that they all seem to have a mind of their own. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by OregonWelder View Post
    I have no idea how to build the levelers on the legs. If someone would post photos of that setup, I would appreciate it!
    Most that I've seen (sorry, don't know of any photos off the top of my pointy head)
    use a combination of a levelling mount (go to and search
    for levelling mount) and caster. The caster is attached to the side of the leg, while
    the levelling mount is directly under the leg and screws into it.


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    Default leveler

    Built a table a while ago, search for post, the outside orientation lets me use the table weight to clamp down my 12 inch shear for temporary jobs. Fred

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