I weld these SS cam brakes at my work every few weeks and they always seem to warp, it doesn't affect the way the brakes work but I would like to weld them and have them stay true. The plate is 3/8 308 SS and the pipe is 4" sch 40 TIG(whoops I mean GTAW, just joking) welded all the way around. I usually weld a 1 1/2 fillet on one side then a 1 1/2 lap on the other side, then let it cool down and continue. The pipe is 5 1/2" long but by the time they are finished the gap between the ends of the plates is 5 1/8". I've tried putting a 5 1/2" piece of metal between the ends and welding it but when it's finished and cooled I have to smash it out from between the plates and it's still warped. Any help is appreciated.