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    Hey!!! I don't think the great states of WY and AR are that much more glamorous compared to KS. I mean sure you might have nicer views, more wildlife, and the wind might not blow 30 mph on a calm day, then there is tornado's, baseball size hail, but still. Its not a bad place

    "Kansas is the Sun State, Its full of Sunshine, Sunflowers, and Sons of B!*ch's"- Josey Wales
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    Glad you made it back, shop looks really good too. Have fun in AR, the blow job state (ask Bill, he knows). Looks like it will be time to get busy when the move is done, Have fun installing the bridge crane and getting it all figured out and usable. Did an install on onw way back in the early 80's and I thought I was going to have to kill the General Contractor till I understood the need for nearly perfect alignment of the girders and rails for the bridge to run on. Once we got past that it was a cake walk finishing it out and getting a cert of occupancy and paid.

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    oh no, shop aint done yet.... slab's getting finished tomorrow or tuesday (depending on if we get much more hail and tornadoes) (thought you had them all in kansas) start erecting the building prolly friday... hopefully it will go very smooth. we arent subbing out anything except the slab finishing.... but its still all hands on deck, the concrete boys are cutting me a wicked deal if i provide the labor =)) 76 bucks per yard of concrete finished including the concrete.......bam! other places were wanting 80 bucks a yard just for the concrete

    nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal

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