yes I to am building a welding table. i drew up some plans and am underway it's going to be 36"x72" half 3/8" plate and half 2"x2" skeleton top. 2"x2" frame for the top with 4"x1/2" thick angle iron legs. and 1"x1" frame for the storage shelf. i'm using 1/2 bolts for adjustable feet.

first issue i have run into:
i have a 3'x3' 3/8"plate that is bowed about 1/4 inch on one edge what is the best way to compensate for the bowing? i'm considering welding a cross brace 4'' 1/2" thick angle on the bottom. maybe forcing it with a forklift and then stitch welding it.

I'm stuck using this plate as my top.