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    Default Miller Diversion / Hobart 165


    Just got a new Hobart 165, which is the same exact machine as the Diversion 165, to learn TIG. Fun for the whole family, my son and wife giving it a try.

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    Dec 2009
    Northern California


    It is nice to see you training your son and also setting him up with the proper safety equipment! I salute you for passing on the torch!

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    Sep 2010
    Sorong, Indonesia


    how old is your son? I have 2 sons, wanna give them a try but I think they still too young. the big one is just 6years old.

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    My son is 9 now, but he was playing with MIG at about 7. He built a little toy tank out of some scrap metal.

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    Is that a drivers suit Olga is wearing?? It's a good use for old suits except I can't zip any of my old Nomex suits. (They shrink you know....)
    Miller Diversion 165
    1966 Bridgeport Mill
    Leblond 15x 35 Regal Servoshift lathe
    Solberga SE 1425 Drill Press
    Bigass Bandsaw
    Hydraulic press
    small surface grinder
    Belt sander
    Tons of grinders and hand tools
    Knife edge Balancing rollers
    Heat and AC in the garage

    Jags and racing Triumphs

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