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    Default Tig Torch Holder

    I made this tig torch holder so that I could move it around my welding bench. Now my holder is where I need it. I built it out of scrap metal, and added a couple of magnats, and kick stand, so that it wold stay up. Tig welded with my Maxstar 200 DX. Here are a few pictures.

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    looks real nice and handy. i have been thinking of something similar with the addition of a momentary trigger or switch inside that when you slip the torch in, it compresses the internal trigger to open a low pressure low volume of air flow from the shop compressor to help cool out the torch. like a lot of things i think of that's as far as it has gotten so far. some people have bucket lists lol i have a barrel list.
    miller 225 bobcat
    miller aead200le (with miller hf tig trailer mounted)
    mm175, mm211, TA181i
    mm252 w/30a spool gun
    precision tig 225
    hobart stickmate LX ac/dc
    Speedglas 9100X & XX / Miller Digital Elite
    hypertherm 380 & cutmaster 52
    victor journeyman & super range
    ridgid chop saw, kalamazoo band saw
    steel max and evolution carbide saws
    6 4.5" & a 20lb 9" rockwell grinders
    case 580 backhoe (for what i can"t lift)
    if first you don't succeed
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    That is a good idea! Its a handy little tool for my welding table. Thanks for the input.

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