I am having a big problem keeping my lenses clean on my miller digital elite helmet when doing SMAW or FCAW. I was wondering if anyone could offer any tips. It seems like after a short time (often only a couple long welds) the flux has built up on the lens so much that it makes it hard to see the puddle. Perhaps its my head position or weld position that is off. I am not a pro welder, just a hobbyist, so I am most likely doing something wrong. When using FCAW or SMAW, I find I **** my head to one side and get pretty low to see the puddle and what it is doing. I tried backing off but then the MIG gun obscured the weld puddle and I was practically welding blind with ... predictable ... results.

So anyone have any idea what i am doing wrong or is this a common problem that someone knows a good tip on?

Thanks in advance.