I just discovered this site and am am very happy to find it. I am 70 year old amature blacksmith- weldor with a simple shop but anxious to learn and lots of questions. I greatly enjoy making things of steel at the forge and at the welding table. I have a Millermatic Challenger 230 Volt wire welder and a Johnson automatic darkening mask with #10 lens. I chose the #10 because I was told it would be more safe for my eyes. One of the many things that I read is reference to seeing the molten pool and seeing the weld as it is being made. I have a really hard time with that. I have tried to add ambient light which has been of some help. I think I could make significant improvement in my work if I could better see what was going on. I would greatly appreciate any advice, and look forward to the valuable "welding wisdom" that I find on this site.

Don Agostine