I have a 1993 diesel dodge dually. When my uncle owned it the right rear axle popped out, the frame hit the ground. Now the frame is bent up and a little in it really wears the tires down! I don't have the money too take it in to dodge house and let them fix it and I don't have the money for a new truck.

The frame is bent just in front (cab side) of the shock and spring hanger. This is why it is out of alignment and chewing up tires and I can't get it fixed till I fix the frame.

I'm thinking I want too use some BIG I-beam, C-clamps, Binders, comealong, Chain fall, engine hoist, and whatever it takes too straighten this thing out. At the end of the frame rails it is only out of place by 2".

So I drop the fuel tank, rear end, all electrical, and strip anything I can think of that might get destroyed. On the side that is in good condition I place my I-beam on the frame and weld big plates from the top of the "I" to the bottom of the "I", This will give me my JIG.

I place my JIG in the side to be repaired and use as little heat as possible while my helper uses our beam wrench to push the frame back into place, Then the JIG will hold it and it will cool naturally.

I know this is not a permanent fix. I know this is not a factory perfect fix. I only need this truck to run until mid June and I can fix it right.

So what do y'all think? Sound like a good plan? Did I miss anything? Do you know of a better way?