Hi All,
New here but have been reading for a long time, thanks for all I have already learned, but I got a question I need help with.

I am getting ready to fab up the exhaust on my project car. I plan on using aluminized pipe for the majority of the project. I am grinding off the coating for the weld area. I have no problem migging the thin metal, I have done 80% of all of my other welding on sheetmetal. I am running 75/25 on a mig welder .23 wire - all there is good.

The question I have is this: There is a section of stainless I need to attach the pipes to. Can I weld the stainless to the aluminized pipe using my mig and 75/25 mix? Or do I really need to get stainless wire and tri mix? The expense for that is a bit prohibitive for making only two welds.

Will the stainless weld okay to the aluminized using 75/25 or maybe even flux core or am I asking for trouble?

If the only problem will be that the weld will be susceptible to rust, I can live with that. I can use VHT exhaust paint or something else to treat the area. (the welds in the aluminized sections need to be coated anyway)

Thanks for any input