no, this isnt martha stewart. i thought since i have not seen anything posted about this ,lets throw some ideas out there to help out when in a pinch. a few examples that come to mind ; a grinder can run off welding leads,if a cord isnt handy.used to carry a female end of a power cord about a foot long with two wires sticking out to ground to and clamp the rod holder on for power when working up in pipe i only used this when power through the cord gets lost or someone walks by and unplugs it to plug theirs in.and when your 50 foot up in a rack it can be a pain to keep climbing down to check on it.need at least 100 amps for a grinder to be effective.
althought there has been many threads on sharpining tungsten,another way which has not been mentioned is using a holding the tungsten and spinning it by your fingers or drill,while the torch is in the cutting mode will work much like sharpening on a grinder .now i know its impractical ,but it is possible and can make a very sharp point.
getting porosity in a weld is never a good thing,getting it in a weld that is to be checked by x-ray or u t is a repair and a strike.there are times when an end grinder or side grinder wont fit to grind it can tig over it with stainless to suck it out, done this many times,and yes i know this isnt procedure.
one more for the road,a tig torch makes a great temporary electrode holder ,the collet size dictates the size of rod to hold.prett self explanatory.
soooo,lets hear some others out there.