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    Quote Originally Posted by atc250r View Post
    Very difficult to open root with stainless smaw. Especially 6G. TIG is a much better (and common) choice for open root ss.
    So are you saying completely different technique from a 6010 root pass?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iran8gold View Post
    So are you saying completely different technique from a 6010 root pass?

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    Default iran8gold

    what atc250r is saying is not a different technique but a different process.
    root and hot pass tig with purge and then stick to finish

    old but new

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    Thanks to you all really.... I got the settings with amps and 3/32 and once i got the feel on some practice pieces i was able to get it done rather well. I agree with Sundown 100% would have been alot better with MIG. I ran a series of root passes with a Lincoln Red Baron 3/32 rod. Guys if youve never used these TRY THEM they make life so much better and very little slag to deal with. Then i capped using a series of stacking weaves it came out great. Ill try to get pictures up soon. Thank you all again and the amp advice helped big time....Cheers to you all..

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    Default For 309 rod what is the best polarity?

    I bought some scrap stainless to refine my technique and tried with both positive and negative electrode. The positive almost seemed better. Am I going the right direction? Also I read the heat is about the same as 6010 and that seemed to work well. Any particulars to help? So far I am using 3/32 but have some 1/8 to work with also

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    Certanium makes a great fast freeze stick rod for smaw welding out of position. Only problem with them is the cost and they are not certified for code work.
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