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    Default O.K., just a minute!

    Quote Originally Posted by monte55 View Post
    I have the black oxide 115 piece set by CL I've had since 94......118 degrees
    I've only broken one small bit so far. Good bits!

    What do you drill that you prefer 135 degree bits over the 118 degree?
    I also have the large Drill Doctor. Love it. I still feel that one that sharpens bits by eye on a grinder with bit in hand is not going to be doing any precision drilling. Making a hole is easy. Making a precise hole in metal where you want it is another thing.
    Let me make sure I've read this right. You say you have a 115 Pc. drill set for 14 years and the only problem you have is the loss of one of the small one's?? If this is correct what would it take to hire you? 14 years? Holy $hi# with cheese! We go through a dozen if not more in a week! Yes our presses see a lot of drilling (our pref is cobalt) but still 14 years and only the loss of one bit?? Oh man tell me it's not true.

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    My bits are not in an everyday shop enviroment and they are only used by me. I also have a lot of other bits but not in sets. If I have a hole to drill and I have that size in a loose bit, I'll use it otherwise I go to this set. I hate partial sets and bits thrown everyhere. A lot of my projects involve drilling and tapping and I always the correct bit in my set Yea! You can forget it if others are using the same tools. How many times has Paul Sr gone upstairs
    looking for a drill bit?
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    I also like the step bits from HF. I use the long skinny one all the time and bought 5 sets or so just to have them in differant places in the shop.

    For about $9.00 you can not go wrong to often. I wait till they are on sale and buy them up.
    Don D.

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    Default Best drill bits

    For anything over 1/2" diameter, the best bit may not be a bit at all, but rather an annular cutter. They are usually associated with mag drills because of the 3/4" chuck requirement, but I have a set of minicutters with an adapter that allows them to be used with a 3/8" chuck.

    These cutters are three times faster, produce half as much shaving, do not "grab" when coming out the other side of the material, and can be used to overlap an existing hole. Cost is about the same as the equivilent drill size and can be re-sharpened. These are all I use anymore for 1/2" to 1 1/4" holes. (The design does not allow for smaller diameters.)

    Only drawback as far as I have found is that they must be used in a press. The tooth design is not meant for freehand in a handheld drill.

    My supplier is and their prices and service have been excellent.

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    I have a set of bits for about 15 years, broke one or 2 sharpened them all once when i got my drill doctor. If you use them right they last a long time. Much shorter in a production environment i know but they can be made to last if your patient but sometime speed counts.

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    Thanks for all your advice. I went to my shop and sharpened my bits instead of getting new ones. I was careful with the angle using a stationary belt sander with a fine grit. I slowed the speed down on my drill press and cut through a piece of 1/2 '' steel like nothing with a 1/4 '' bit.. A bit that I had baught in 1992 and until today would have barely gone through wood.

    Thanks again ....JC

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    The most use full video I have seen is "The ultimate guide to drill bits" on You Tube. It covers all drill bits from HSS, Cobalt, and Carbide.

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    Default turbomax

    those turbomax bits cut like butter in soft mild steel

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    We use nothing but Milwaukee bits in the shop. They are great but it really sucks if you break one because they aren't cheap.

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    I have a set of Bad Dog Bits, which are like nothing else and are guaranteed for life. Watch how they work:

    I also have the Bad Dog Biter tool, which works great for what it does. I must say I don't use it very often but when I need it there is nothing else like it.
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