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I have the black oxide 115 piece set by CL I've had since 94......118 degrees
I've only broken one small bit so far. Good bits!

What do you drill that you prefer 135 degree bits over the 118 degree?
I also have the large Drill Doctor. Love it. I still feel that one that sharpens bits by eye on a grinder with bit in hand is not going to be doing any precision drilling. Making a hole is easy. Making a precise hole in metal where you want it is another thing.
Let me make sure I've read this right. You say you have a 115 Pc. drill set for 14 years and the only problem you have is the loss of one of the small one's?? If this is correct what would it take to hire you? 14 years? Holy $hi# with cheese! We go through a dozen if not more in a week! Yes our presses see a lot of drilling (our pref is cobalt) but still 14 years and only the loss of one bit?? Oh man tell me it's not true.