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    Bristol, UK

    Default 1216cc Harris F1 m/cycle + Dynasty 200DX = help!!

    First of all a quick hello, as I have just joined the Miller site

    I am based in the U.K. and am a keen motorcyclist, and amateur fabricator of all things conected therewith.

    My current project is a 1989 Harris F1, here's a photo of the 'bike when I first got hold of it:

    I am rebuilding it from the ground-up, and have bought myself a Dynasty 200DX so that I can learn to weld, & fabricate some parts that I need. The next stage in the project is to build a seat sub-frame from 10mm (just less than half-inch) square tube.

    I would appreciate suggestions for some settings on the machine, to TIG weld 1.5mm (1/16th inch?) thick aluminium. I have some experience with MIG and gas welding, and have played around a bit with TIG and am making steady progress.

    Your help much appreciated,



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    Jan 2009
    Whitehorse, Yukon


    Here's a starting point:

    75 amps
    AC, Hi freq. set to continuous
    3/32" tungsten, 2% ceriated sharpened to a pencil point
    Argon at about 17-18 cfh
    Balance set about 60-70

    You may have to play with it a bit from there, depending on position of the weld.

    Have fun!!
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    ^ what he said. Get some material close if not the same as the subframe and play with it and the settings. Ive used a Dynasty 200Dx and LOVE it cant wait to add one to the stable of machines. It has alot of features to play with. Listen alot of the guys on here they have them and there knowledge is fantastic . Ive learned alot just by reading there posts....

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    Jan 2010
    Bristol, UK


    Thanks for the advice mate. Fortunately the seat sub-frame bolts to the main chassis of the 'bike, so I can afford to make numerous attempts at building it without risking damage to the 'bike itself.

    Seems to be plenty of people 'viewing' my post, but only one or two guys seem to be forthcoming with advice

    Once again, many thanks


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    I advise you to buy low and sell high.

    (that's what I need to do so I can get some cool new gear including a Dynasty)

    (Neat bike, even if it is a 4-stroke).

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