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The squares are raised.I am not sure of the correct terminology to describe the plate. It is not expanded metsl. I am thinking that perhaps the material was proprietory so the supply may have been limited. I am hoping that someone out there may have seen it on some othere piece of equipment that may be common in the area that I am in. Thanks for the help so far.

The plate you're after is tread plate. It used to be common in years past, I've worked with it before and even have a few customers who still have decks with it on. I'm not sure if it's available anymore or not though all of the tread plate I've used in the past 20 or so years has been the diamond pattern. I do remember when I was a teenager decking some mine sleds that went to the sulfur mines in Florida. That was also the project where the shop discovered what zinc poisoning was after I was hospitalized with it and nearly cost me my life.

I will try to ask around tomorrow and see if any of my suppliers have it or can get it. That is if my old-timers allows me to remember it by morning!!!

What thickness do you need and what is the approximate size of the squares?