I needed a way other than Oxy/Acetylene and a vise to make a sharp bend in ¼ plate and strap for projects. A lot of press brake projects have been completed here and on other forums so I was able to roll the common design features into my own version. Also design was driven by what materials I had on hand, not necessarily by the best materials for the project. For example the bottom die I used is solid hex bar that I quite literally found out in the dirt on my property. I think it is part of an old tractor implement! I am by no means a professional fabricator but enjoy making my own tools and projects. Was recently laid off from my job of 10 years and I am now starting welding school in January. As always comments, suggestions, respectful critiques are welcome.

Did my initial design in Google Sketchup (love this program!)

Materials sized and cut, ready for assembly. Bottom plate is 3/8, as well as the top die. 5/8 inch bolts. Springs I bought from Ace Hardware for .60 a piece.

I drilled the bottom plate with a 19/32 drill bit (1/32 under 5/8), then ground a taper on the ends of the 5/8 bolts.

With the taper on the ends I tapped the bolts into place to enable me to make sure they were parallel and 90 degrees to the bottom plate.