Hello all, noob here

hope the holidays treated you all well, and if not hope yas enjoyed the day off

I read JCB's thread on wiring and it answered a bunch of question, thanks!

I just got me a MM180 as well and it came with a bernard gun (don't know anything about guns but I know that gun ain't OEM) hope its a good one.

moving right along,

my question is this, my welder will be about 100 feet from the breaker box. thats what I have to bridge, a hunerd feet to place my outlet at the garage.

I have the outlet and dual 30 amp breakers. but the the hunerd or so feet of cable is where I go blank.

A 125ft roll of 6-3 outside cable, goes for 2 hunerd!! but I have here a bout 150 ft of 8-3 600volt outside cable.

now as murphys law will dictate, I'm probly sitting on a lot of worthless copper aren't I?

Or can I use the 8-3 cable for that space tweenst my box and garage?

thanks in advance for you'r advice gents.