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    Unhappy Another wiring question

    Hello all, noob here

    hope the holidays treated you all well, and if not hope yas enjoyed the day off

    I read JCB's thread on wiring and it answered a bunch of question, thanks!

    I just got me a MM180 as well and it came with a bernard gun (don't know anything about guns but I know that gun ain't OEM) hope its a good one.

    moving right along,

    my question is this, my welder will be about 100 feet from the breaker box. thats what I have to bridge, a hunerd feet to place my outlet at the garage.

    I have the outlet and dual 30 amp breakers. but the the hunerd or so feet of cable is where I go blank.

    A 125ft roll of 6-3 outside cable, goes for 2 hunerd!! but I have here a bout 150 ft of 8-3 600volt outside cable.

    now as murphys law will dictate, I'm probly sitting on a lot of worthless copper aren't I?

    Or can I use the 8-3 cable for that space tweenst my box and garage?

    thanks in advance for you'r advice gents.

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    Smile You are OK

    Based on NEC . . . you are OK with 8 AWG on a 100' run . . . .

    Taking into account the extra latitude allow for a dedicated welding circuit you are easily OK.
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    Just don't run the jacketed cable through conduit.
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    Yep, you're good to go. Good luck.

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    Default The skinny........................

    Quote Originally Posted by toecutter View Post

    I just got me a MM180 as well and it came with a bernard gun (don't know anything about guns but I know that gun ain't OEM) hope its a good one.

    I have here a bout 150 ft of 8-3 600volt outside cable.
    Your MM180 did, in fact, come adorned with the Bernard gun (its a good one). That's a recent change from Miller (about which their distributors are none too happy, because their inventory costs jumped).

    The 8-3 cable you have is easily good for 40 amps and the 30 amp DP breaker will protect it nicely. It is acceptable to run it in conduit, but oversize the pipe to make pulling the 8-3 easier.

    Good luck.

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    thank you for the responses fellas I have a railing to put up on my front steps. yep only 2 steps and a raiser and home owners insurance demanded I put up a railing.

    asked around various shops and the cheapest quote I got was 479 bucks for the job.

    I then told the missus well gotta be done hon give it up!!! give the dough sweetie.

    upon receipt of said funds from the home manager I went and got me the MM180 from my job.

    used to stick weld many moons ago, 30 years or so. but as of lately things have come up on which I could use a good welder.

    I can run a fine bead but its getting used to the 180 and all the controls that will take some time.I'm using the 75/25 argon/co2 mixture, for the solid core wire.

    I fly Remote control helicopters and can't wait to start experimenting on aluminum for the frames and landing skids.

    for now tho, floor pans on my 66 chevelle take 1st priority.

    he he kinna glad the Insurance co dropped by and decided we needed a railing

    Very glad I checked out miller's website as well, it lead me to this here forums.

    I've read a ton of articles here and have learned a lot, awesome!! can't wait to maybe post some pics on some of the work I'll be doing and just hang out here.

    thanks again for the present and future help you guys are willing to give.

    thanks as well for the good word on that bernard gun.
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