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    Default Old BELCO window Fan

    Old BELCO window Fan rebuild/rework project

    Well Iím not sure if I should call this a restore project or not anyway I found this ole fan in a yard sale
    For 20 bucks about 3 years ago so I bought it to use in the shop looked rough when I bought but worked pretty good not sure how old it is but it moves lots of air and is reversible as well.

    but last year it starts to get a little noisy and found that the pulley on the motor is worn and springs were rusted away that push the two halves together so belt is a bit noisy so decided to tear it completely down sand blast it and repaint it, but figured I put picís from beginning and post picís after its finished.

    Any way itís been a good old fan so I figure I could give it a face lift and a few more years of pushing air through the doors.

    old window fan restore project 008.jpg
    old window fan restore project 006.jpg
    old window fan restore project 001.jpg
    old window fan restore project 007.jpg
    old window fan restore project 004.jpg

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    Apr 2009
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    Default up date

    Ok Well Here is a little up date on the progress of dismantling and blasting.

    I still have to blast the main cage but thatís tomorrow pending weather but was curious
    About this new ospho, the supplier said it should only be used on rusted metal
    In order to etch it properly and should not be used on clean fresh metal so going to let the pieces set over night a day or two And get some light rust and then treat the pieces. Then repaint once etched

    fan project 002.jpg
    fan project 004.jpg
    fan project 003.jpg
    fan project 001.jpg


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