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    Default Wire Feed unit with Dynasty as a power supply?

    I have a Dynasty 300 DX tig welder. I love the small housing, light weight and low current draw.

    Is it possiable to run a wire feed unit off of the unit? I want to make a ceiling mounted wire feed unit on a boom so I can have good access of wire feed around the shop. Without taking up much floor space.

    Which wire feed unit would be best for running .023 - . 040 wire. I will be welding anywhere between sheet metal to 1/2" plate steel.
    MM 130 110v Mig
    Spectrum Cutmate 300 110v/240v Plasma
    Syncrowave 250 Tig, oldie but welds nice
    Dynasty 300 DX Tig, very nice machine, AC doesn't start most of the time

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    Default Adding wire feed to Dynasty

    In repsonse to your question we do not recommned adding a wire feeder to any Dynasty series machines.
    The reason for this is:

    1. The Dynasty series machines are constant current machines, therefore the output does not you to adjust the voltage with this machine.
    2. Constant current machines allow you to adjust amperage, so the voltage will be fluctuating dependant on arc length
    3. We do offer voltage sensing feeders, but they do not provide short circuit transfer as you would expect from a wire welding machine. At best you may find one setting that is acceptable.

    It is our recommendation to NOT use a wire feeder with the Dynasty series machines.

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