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    Reloading bench and sparks? I think Id relocate the loading bench.
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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Now that I've seen your photos I really think the idea of fold down table is the way to go. I will do it on the back side of the shed under the awning. That is a slick setup with the clamps and tools hidden behind the table!

    I'll post some pictures and/or gather more ideas as this little project comes along.

    In the meantime, what do you think about materials? I was thinking 2" x 1/8" or 3/16" angle for the frame, 11 gauge (~1/8") or 3/16" for the top, and 2" square tubing for the legs.

    Any suggestions? Any further thoughts about stainless for the top?

    4' X 8' sheet prices:

    Carbon Steel
    11 ga - $73.45
    3/16" - $112.57

    11 ga - $370 (ouch!)

    For the record...
    Quote Originally Posted by Flyingpig View Post
    Reloading bench and sparks? I think Id relocate the loading bench.
    1) I never planned on welding or cutting inside my wooden floored shed
    2) I keep gun powder and primers in the house- climate controlled.

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    welding table 7.jpgMy shop is rather small and not much room to work. Don't like gitting shavings everywere and sparks don't go well with flamable liquids so I built a movable welding table to take out in the yard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Olsen View Post
    In my garage, I've got two work surfaces that fold down from the wall. One is a welding table and one is for wood work.

    Two nice things about a folding table attached to the shed would be 1) you can hide clamps and other tools behind the table when it's folded up, and 2) even a lightweight steel table is going to be so heavy you're never going to want to move it. I made my fold-down table out of a steel table that's made of 1/8" sheet on 1/4"x2" angle iron. Even that thin, it's much too heavy for one guy (or even two) to move very easily. Folding it down from the wall is do-able -- but I would need a hoist if I went to 1/4" or more for the surface.

    Yeah, those tables are just the Kind of thing I should have in my Garage! Wouldn't hurt to have the 'Car Too'

    Matter of fact, that car reminds me of my Friends 86' 911 RUF, except that yours has that much more of a 'classic look' to it.


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    Default hmm

    if your gonna go the fold down route a cheep way to add some fire resistance if you don't do a metal back drop is some concrete board used for setting tile its just that concrete on some mesh and pretty flame resistant you could put a track up and slide them in for use

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lindley View Post
    By the way, my wife thought of hinging them to the wall so that I wouldn't have to remove them. That's not a bad idea either.

    This is a "starter home" for us, so anything I do in the backyard I will likely have to walk away from with little or no compensation when we go to sell. Just wanted to mention that.

    Here is a shot of the actual shed before I finished it:

    When my wife and i look at real estate we always want to see the garage or work shed. It is a big plus for creative people. Adds value to the home. What if you want to work at night without bothering a family member?

    I would not hinge the table to the shed. you may have a need to move the table out away from the shed for a project. And if you pound on the table it will rattle everything in the shed. And if you move you can take your tables with you. I would use square tubing and cap off the bottoms to prevent corrosion. A good steel table is always sellable too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoogaD View Post
    I was thinking about a hinged work table. It would be a lot easier than moving tables in and out of your shed whenever you wanted to do something. Especially if you are like me and waaaaaay over do it and your welding table ends up weighing 700 pounds.
    I really like that heavy duty table!!
    Always an asset.

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    very interesting

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