I wanted to gather some opinions on some work table(s). This may seem like a strange setup, but hear me out...

I built a work shed in the backyard (8' X 12' enclosed; some overhang), but I do not like to run the miter saw or cutoff saw inside because of the dust unless the weather is real bad. I want to build some work tables that attach to the side of the shed and can be removed when they are not in use.

The idea is to build two 6' tables that can be stored in a little walkway on the back side of the shed. When "deployed" the table legs would be in the grass of the backyard.

I am not sure what materials to make them out of. I'm torn between square tubing or angle. I think the legs will be two sizes of square tubing, sliding inside one another, and adjustable with pins. They will fold up flat for storage.

What about the top? What material? How wide? I might do some tack welding on them as well, but I know any serious work will result in warping.

I am already "over-budget" on this shed, so think inexpensively, but still sturdy.

Here's a Google Sketch-up of the shed. I just quickly added on a rough sketch of the tables: