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    Default Artistic media stand

    A while back, I posted my bed project I built. Well, I thought it turned out pretty nice and was so different from anything you'd find in a furniture store that I didn't even try to get a stand to put my PS3 on in the room. Plus there's only a small space between the closet and bathroom doors. So I came up with this idea because I had a lot of scrap left over from laminating the plywood for the bed and some left over 16 gauge sheet from my friend's table project.

    I found out the grinder with a 36 grit flap disc is infinitely faster than a hammer and chisel so that's how I shaped the wood. Then I drew out my branches and leaves out of the 16 gauge sheet and cut it out with a plasma cutter and cleaned them out with the grinder. I made the PS3 insert out of 16 gauge to make the box and then 22 gauge for the flange (figured that would be incredibly easier to shape than the 16 gauge.)

    There's still a bunch of finishing to do, but it's complete enough to put some pictures up.
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    and this heavy duty table I made

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