A few years back I converted a JD squared manual bender to a hydralic one. It used a 3/4HP motor that was direct drive to the pretty large Haldex pump. The motor would want to die out when trying to bend simple thin tubing. The pump had way to much volume for the motor output. I was going to get a smaller pump but that would mean changing the fittings and hoses which would be more costly and this meant reconfiguring the whole set up (didn't feel like buying a new motor either). Well my old man suggested I gear the pump down giving the motor a mechanical advantage. After some simple ratio math I ordered sprockets and weldable hubs from Surplus center. Total cost was $30.00. I had to make a plate and sort of hang the motor from the underside of the C-channel to get the sproket set up to work. After some machining and welding the plate it works great now. I was able to bend 2" x .150" wall with no strain on the motor and did it in less than 10 seconds. Now that the bender is usable, more projects here we come.