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    Quote Originally Posted by john p View Post
    Scratched on the miller site an won the Maxstar 150 STL about 5 or 7 days ago.Waiting for the paper work to pay the taxes.My girlfriend made me play.What a girl.Just got to love when they fish and hunt plus love to make money.Snowing like **** right now out side.Dec. 31 2007 3:30 P.M.
    Lucky guy. I'm about to buy one, but I think I want the STH anyway.
    Miller Maxstar 200 DX
    RMLS-14 Momentary Hand Control
    Miller Syncrowave 180 SD
    Porter Cable 14" dry metal saw
    Hitachi 4.5" grinder

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    Default today is the big day

    hey guys like i told my wife that i have just as good as a chance at winning the next 5 thousand guys who enter so i still have a chance and if i don't win well i still can come back and check info or put in my 2cents worth of welding bable to mak it sound like i know what i'm talking about, so good luck to who ever it is that is the winner and i hope your really en-choke-joy your new welding equipment and HOPE WE DON'T KNOW WERE YOU LIVE AND PARK OUT IN YOUR FRONT YARD TO PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS

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