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Thanks for the comments. I now have a pretty nice setup at home to work out of, after only twenty plus years of collecting tools and equipment. I would take a small portion of whatever money I made off of various side jobs that I was doing and set it aside. When I had enough money for a particular tool or piece of equipment that I was needing I would buy it and then start all over for the next item.

It is nice after twenty plus years to be able to purchase more parts for projects than tools to work on the projects.

The lathe/mill was one of the hardest tools to purchase because it is not something that I use all the time. When I am using it I am glad I purchased it but when not using it and looking at it sitting in the shop I think about all the money that I spent on it and the tooling. It is not a real high quality setup but for the one off and custom projects I am able to hold some pretty tight tolerances and it does a nice job. If I were doing more production work I don't think it would cut it. Thanks again, Mike.
Yeah, it hurts to see the lathe and mill doing nothing, but when I need it I flip the switch and get busy. You did good, it took me almost 30 to get there. I had a couple of ex-wives along the way that slowed it down but I finally got there in time to have a medical disaster and end up in a wheel chair retired. Oh well, stuff happens right? Keep drivin on, it gets better and even more fun when all your time is yours, as long as you feel well enough to play.