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the wire is a 10-3 wire 300 v. While we're on the subject, the breaker in the workshop is a double 30 amp. The breaker at the house is also a 30 amp but someone suggested upgradding this to a double 50 or 60 amp once the welder is installed. The wire between both electrical boxes is an outdoor rated 6-3.

Does this sound OK to you ?
The breaker in the house panel feeding the sub-panel via #6-3 wire should be a 60 amp.

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Thanks guys, I installed the plug and it works fine.

I have about 20 ft of exterior grade 10/3 wire. would this be suitable for an extension cord for the mm180 if i conect the right male and female connections to it ?
That wire is not "REALLY" suitable for extension cord. Flexing from movement causes cracks leading to voltage drop which creates heat. Enough voltage drop creating enough heat causes fires. ANY voltage drop will adversely affect welder operation and enough drop (long before the fire) will kill the circuits in the welder. Not good. That job calls for SJ, SO, SJTOW, or similar cable because there are more, smaller conductors which lend themselves to flexing. When I am making a short extension cord, I troll through the electrical departments at my local Home Depot and Lowe's looking for miscuts, extras and short pieces left from the roll. They'll almost always sell it for significantly less than regular price.

Good luck and post some pics soon.