The arc quality on both units is great and they both have the same material thickness range. The Millermatic 350 P is a commercial machine, meaning its great in most light manufacturing environments. The XMT 350 MPa is an industrial machine, it's designed for around the clock operation in some pretty nasty environments. Iís important to pick the right tool for the job and environment.

The Millermatic 350P is synergic, select the wire diameter, material type, and gas mix. Select the wire feed speed for the material thickness and start welding. The machine selects the proper pulse setting for that wire feed speed. Want to travel faster, or welding on thicker material, increase the wire feed speed. Want to go out of position or weld on thinner material decrease the wire feed speed, the machine does the rest.

The XMT 350 MPa is NOT synergic, select wire diameter, material type and gas mix. Then select voltage or arc length (your preference) to go along with your wire feed speed. This system operates like an standard mig system were you select wire feed speed and voltage. It give you a little more control. If you have a arc in mind, this machine might be a better pick, the synergic control of the MM 350P may not have the arc your looking for.

The spool gun work great with either system. However, the NEW Aluma-Pro push pull gun as works great with both units. Spool guns are a bit large to fit in some small places, and the Aluma Pro gun is easier on the welder.

Miller's XMT Product Manager