Hey all,

Was just curious how a plasma cutter does at cutting through two layers of steel. I have not seen anybody do it yet. Searched the internet and can only find videos of people cutting a single layer. The reason I ask is because I am in the process of converting my logging truck into a lowboy truck and will be building lowboy ramps on the back of it wich first involves cutting the excessive length off the frame to the rear of the rear drive axle. But my truck has a double steel frame. The outer frame is somewhere close to 3/8 thick with about a 1/4 inch inner frame wich I can not seperate for the cut. Tried using a metal blade on a circular saw wich was working decently until it hit that inner frame. The saw is heavy and so slow cutting that it became very hard to get a decent cut, so since I've been wanting a plasma cutter for years now I finally decided to drop what I was doing and buy one. Decided on the Miller Spectrum 625. So it is on it's way as I type this.

So when it gets here I will find out for myself what kind of luck I will have cutting through two layers, but was just curious what I should expect and if there are any tricks I should know about. The only reason I question it is because I know how hard it is with my oxy-acetylene torch once it burns through the first layer to get it to continue. But I know they are two very different animals:-)