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    Default Homemade Snowplow

    I posted a while back asking if anyone ever made a homemade snowplow. I wont go into all of the details of the original post - here is the link:

    Finally got it done
    A friend of mine gave me a hydraulic pump so I scratched the idea of a manual angle blade with a winch for the lift. The free truck I got ended up shooting a rod out the side of the block before I could get it into the shop, not to mention the bellhousing cracked all the way around (the motor, tranny, and transfer case set me back a few weeks). Here are several pictures - I have reduced all of them for people on Dial up so you cant see a whole lot of detail. If anyone wants to see the larger sized pics let me know. I took it out today on its maiden voyage and everything worked great - just need to adjust the tension on the springs a little...enjoy
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