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I would likely get what I could afford and was the cheapest,.

My take is based on feeding the kids for many years solely as a welder, but I've found that in welding machines (and all other tools as well) that "the cheapest" is rarely if ever my best choice.
The best money I've ever spent (work wise) has been on buying the highest quality tools I can afford. Again my living depends on me and my motly collection of machines/tools. They see constant, hard use in my world. Your world may differ.
Like my Dear Old Dad used to say, you get what you pay for. That sentiment is almost lost in todays Wallmart Made in China world. But not totally thank goodness.
For what it's worth I've bought a lot of top of the line, high quality tools used for less than the price of new cheap chineese junk. Many times at pawn shops. I've never regretted that.