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    Default Trouble Shoot Millermatic JJ-24 Wire Feeder?

    I have a Miller matic wire feeder on a CP-300. The digital read out says "000" when i turn the pot it does nothing. When you pull the trigger it runs at wide open. Can someone help me figure out what is wrong?

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    I assume you have a 50 series digital readout model?

    With so little to go on, hard to say without more information.

    Just shooting at the moon at this point.

    If it is a 52/54D series, could be the pot (10 turn 10K), the readout board itself or possibly the tach 'assy & board in the motor casing. If the tach board isn't sending a signal back to the feeder, you have no speed control. Main board could be suspect as well. Lots of things could be the issue.

    Post up the model & we'll go from there.
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