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    Question Accessories / Features For Your Welding Table

    Any suggestion as to accessories/features to add to your welding table. Any suggestions to make it a more useful tool.

    ie . . . mig gun holder, grinder bracket . . .etc . . .
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    Working in a lot of chemical plants, I see almost every welding table with a 2x2x1/8" angle welded to one side. It is used to hold little piece like blots, nuts, etc.

    I would like to see some others means of "leveling" a table.

    Hope that helps.
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    I've got a small vise on one corner of my table and it is also wired with a 110 receptacle under one corner and a switch under another that controls a light above it. I've also welded a piece of pipe on one leg for a MIG Gun and a couple of hooks for my hood, stinger, whatever i happen to stick there. I also put a shelf under it for storing small things and tools.

    As for how to level a table, the best way I know of is to weld a nut on the inside of each of the legs. Then just thread a bolt all the way into each one and back the ones out that you need to to make it sit level.
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    my buddy welded just about a three inch piece of pipt at an angle on the side to hold the gun just an idea

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    Default Mig

    I think this could go on for months! Its what ever YOU need,,weather its a bar ti hang vice grips,,I have recievers in all my benches,and my heavy set up tables,,Abd to the lekding bech on my portable,,can take any thing fom any bench,,But as I said,,Its what YOU need!!!!!!!!!!!!Good Luck,Jack

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    Default Table tips

    My table is 4' X 6'. On one end I cut out an 18" X 30" opening that holds a piece of bar grate for cutting. There is a tray under that to catch slag, etc.

    I built a 2' X 2' drawer about 4" deep to hold soapstone, small clamps, mig pliers, and small hand tools. One one end I welded a piece ot flat between 2 legs to hang larger c-clamps. Also welded lots of hooks to hang plasma cutter, mig gun, torch.

    But most important, make sure you have room for a coffee pot, beer cooler, and first aid kit. (Just kidding, but barely.)

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    Default Welding Table Accessories

    I have 2 tables in my own shop and one where I spend 8 to 10 hrs each day day job and I made the frame out of square tubing leaving the longer ones open on the ends "not mitered '' or boxed in then I put a smaller tube in each one of them I slide them out as I need to hang lead stinger C CLAMPS OR for table extensions my tool boxes are opossite table so when I trun around I can get hood grinding shield from hooks at top of tool box about 6 foot high 1 table is slanted for prints sketches or writing the other is flat also tables have a shelf for small parts or drops Hope it helps

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    I am also for leaving tube ends (especially the longer ones) open extra versatility. I leave the lower tubes un-capped for the same reason.

    Table extensions, a place to put a crowbar or pony clamp, a tube of filler rod, whatever you need at the time.
    "If you build it, they will come!"

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    Default My Table

    Here is my home table.
    It was my first project afew years back.
    It fit's in my work-mate.

    This shows the wind/flash guard.

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