After seeing your post I was inspired !!!!
Even though it was a simple project in your mind .. it got my gears turning .

What a great idea .. the carts have all you need as far as a frame and wheels .. and if you can get them free or close to it .. bonus .

well anyway I took a drive to my local Kroger and went to look out back where all stores keep there broken and abused carts .. sure enough there were several .
I was looking for a small unit and low and behold there was one with a broken weld than i knew they would not repair .

so I asked the manager and explained it had broken welds and would may not be serviced ,such as just fixing a wheel .. remember to be nice when asking .. he said I could have it ... I said I would be glad to take it .. so he met me out back .. and off to home me and this little gem went .

well first thing to do was break out the 4 inch grinder with the cut off wheel and cut the baskets off ... I had thought of just doing a little trimming here and there , but changed my mind after looking at what materials I had to work with and wanted to do a bit custom job .. lol ... After all the frame and wheels are really good .. and free to boot .

so about 4 hours later here she sits .. a few add on's will be in order to hang hose and such ... but all and all I like it.. rolls smooth and easy .

thanks Lindley for the inspiration .