This is more for comical entertainment than anything; no real skill involved here. I found this decommissioned cart at a thrift store closing and picked it up cheap. I disassembled it with bolt cutters and a cut-off wheel on a 4.5" grinder. After a little rearranging and putting all the bits and pieces back together, I wound up with a pretty usable little cart that rolls along slicker than snot on a door knob.

The has plenty of storage room underneath. I made loops for the bottles and put little bolts with wing nuts to keep them from rattling around (I hate that). The little bottle is argon and the bigger bottle is tri-mix. I have bulk bottles to refill from or use while in the shed, but pushing the little 211 around is a nice way to work.

I know the idea isn't original, but I thought it would give a few laughs.