I started today with 3/32" 7018 @ 95 amps and I blew through the web??? I mother F'ed you a little bit but kept at it and managed till 1st break. After break I said the heck with the 3/32 and turned it up to 135 amps and started with 1/8". I could not believe it, the puddle stayed where I wanted it and my verts looked awesome!!!! I worked through last break and noticed something else. I went through periods where the puddle would break up and spatter around while doing overhead but staying with it the bead still looked good. While everyone was at break and I kept welding, the puddle jumping stopped. We have a 4 bank of XMT 302's and a 4 bank of XMT 350's all hooked to the structure and going at the same time. Could I be getting magnetic interference while the others are welding at the same time??? Just curious, anyways I would never have turned up the heat that high and I think that was most of my problem. Thanks!!!!

One more question, I have stainless screw conveyors sitting on my mild steel 4X4 stands and we have 1/8" 309 to weld them together. I kept the heat at 135 and it welded great but I just checked Millers calculator and with 1/8" 308 they recommend a max of 115. It really burned in nice and looked totally flawless but am I too hot and will it crack with that much heat?