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Rudy, what kind of precautions are you taking to protect yourself while welding?

For those who didn't get it Rudy is a paraplegic. That means he can't feel anything below his injury. He could have a dingleberry land on his leg for instance and not know it until he smelled burning flesh. Or he could move into a hot piece of metal and get severely burned and not know it was happening. The same thing goes for machinery.

Rudy must have a real love for welding to expose himself to the potential of serious injury. He is to be congratulated for his passion but I hope he is taking care to protect himself.

When I see someone like Rudy I guess I appreciate it more than others. That's because I had a friend who was a super quad and he still did work even though the risk was greater for him than someone who could feel their legs and belly.

I'll never forget the panhandler who hit me up for a dollar at a gas station one morning. I gave him a buck in a moment of weakness and so I guess he thought that paid for some conversation. He asked me what I did. When I told him that I was a weldor he said he went to school for that but didn't like all the burns from the hot sparks.

Thank you Rudy for doing instead of quitting. And if you have a situation where you need some brainstorming to overcome a situation, well, we're here.
Thank You! I do protect myself, and this is another reason why I only Tig weld these days, no flying sparks or slag, for the most part. I do all my welding with a leather apron on, draped over my legs and feet (and $400 air cushion!) and aldo put a leather welding jacket over my legs under the apron. When I first started to re-learn how to Tig running the pedal with my elbow, (.60 thou or less aluminum 99.9% of time) I set the torch in a holder I had made to the left of my left leg. (I am left handed) Well, little did I know, it fell out of the holder, I musta bumped it, and must have sat on my leg for a min or so. I started having muscle spasams, and my legs were going nuts, but I didnt think too much of it. The torch must have fell on the floor after a min or so. Well, later on that night, I see a big WET spot on my jeans on top of my thigh. I think, wtf? So I pull up my jeans, and my leg has a quarter sized puss-leaking burn on it, that is what the "wet stuff" was. I thought to myself, WOW, I bet that hurts like a MOFO. "Today, is a GOOD DAY to be paralyzed LOL"...... When my legs were jumping up and down and going nuts, I didnt think too much of it because i used to get real bad Urinary tract infections all the time, and those would give me bad spasams. But it was my leg feeling the pain, the pain signals just dont make it to the brain to alert me of the situation, due to my spinal cord injury. Think of it as the wires being cut or smashed in the conduit (my spinal cord) between the nerves, and my brain...... I do my best to avoid these sorts of things nowadays!!!

Thanks for thinking of me!

Oh, and I still LOVE the pup-peepholes idea!! Can I borrow the pics?

Thank You, Rudy