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    Default Pup peepholes for sale or rent.....

    Not really. Every now and then someone will ask about ideas for making things at their home shop they can sell and make a buck or three.

    The other day a nice lady called and asked if I did window guards. I explained that I don't do window guards because people die when there is a fire and there are guards on the windows.

    "No. Not that kind" she said. "I want a window guard for my dogs to see out of our privacy fence."

    "I can do that" I said.

    2" X 2" X 1/8" inch angle outside frame. Inside measurements are 8" X 16". They are attached with six lag screws into the horizontal rails of the fence. I added a 2" X 2" cedar rail for the bottom or top not supported by the fence rail 2" X 4". The 2 X 2 was attached to the pickets with stainless screws before I cut out the hole.

    Installed this way they window grill is secure. You can shake the fence and not shake the grill.

    Pricing: For the guy working out of the garage I would suggest $50.00 each for the grill and at least $50.00 for the installation. A regular business would have to have more of course because employees are involved. I used a cordless drill, cordless impact, and of course a cordless sawsall for the install. This particular client paid more than what I suggest and she had me do three of them at her house.

    She loves them. Her dogs love them too. Love makes the world go around.
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