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    Default Trailer Cracked Frame Repair

    My latest welding job was to repair the cracked frame of my friendís landscape trailer. I believe that the hanger wasnít welded in the proper position on the frame, which would have allowed the shackle to be vertical in the unloaded condition. This most likely caused the high forces in the hanger, and caused it to break. Ever since the hanger broke, the eye of the spring functioned as a slipper spring and rubbed on the frame. Unfortunately the frame wasnít thick enough so the eye of the spring eventually dug a slot in the frame. Eventually the slot was deep enough for the eye of the spring to be trapped by the hook that it created in the side of the slot of the frame. When the trailer was loaded it caused the spring to lengthen, which put high forces on the hook of the slot. This caused the metal to be raised on the hook side of the slot and eventually caused the frame to crack.

    This repair should get my friend through his busy fall leaf clean up season. In the spring I would like to replace the frozen pins and weld a pipe into the frame to serve as a hanger for the shackle. This will allow the fore and aft degree of freedom that the spring requires, without raising the trailer height too much. The heavy duty axle and truck tires already make the trailer on the high side. A torsional axle might be a better solution to minimize the trailer height, as wrench bender pointed out in a previous post.
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