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    Default My DIY press brake 1

    Here is my cheap solution for my need to find a way to bend some ” aluminum diamond plate for some brackets I needed to make. I made it after seeing some examples of DIY press brakes online. All welding was done with my MM211 with .035 wire. The die I made from an old piece of ” thick railroad scrap I found at the local Rail Road crossing.

    The 3/16” x 1 ” and 3/16” x 2” angle iron and ” round bar I had left over from other projects. The ” steel base plate I cut from the edge of a larger piece I was using as a welding table top. The round pipe was scrap left over after relocating some steam radiators in my house.

    I cut the railroad scrap down to about 12’ x 2” with a cheapo 4 ” Harbor Freight/Northern grinder with a good quality cut-off disk. I started out by using my plasma cutter on it, but found that the low-tech method of using the grinder and cut-off wheel worked better, leaving a beautiful clean edge.

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