While I thought I had it from the last post I discovered something interesting when my bead went south. I was welding 4"X4"X1/4" sq. tube and as you know they are very round at the corners. I mitred the corners but with a torch so the fit was not perfect. I lost the weld bead about half way up but noticed it was due to not being able to keep the arc short. Oh, I was ising 1/8"@112amps. As long as I could keep a short arc things are good but with the rounded edges and slight gap I would lose the puddle. I tried to push it right in but could not get the arc to close. Any pointers??? Another thing I noticed while doing a piece of 1" plate flat position at 125amps the flux would start to run ahead of my travel??? Is there anyway to control this? I was not manipulating the eledctrode but just doing a slow drag and letting it burn in. Most of the time I end up with a nice bead but when the flux starts to run ahead it does a lot of spitting, still end up with a nice weld but it is very annoying and I have to slow down even more to boil the flux out. Anyone have same trouble and know how to fix???