Hi All
I have just found this site and it looks interesting.
I have been welding more as a hobiest welder for a great many years and still am learning. Thanks to sites like this it is a lot easier to learn new things.

I have been retired from an Elect company for 8 years now and don't have time to do anything or maybe it just seems that way.

My welding equiptment consists of a Lincon idealarc 200 wire feed that I purchased used about 25 years ago and a Miller syncrowave 250 that I brought 10 years ago, also a thermal dynamics Econo Pak 50 plazma arc cutting tourch. The O/A tourch I have had for close to 50 years and it still works well. I also have a lathe and mill and other tools. I am pretty well set up to stay busy.

Looking at some of the pic that have been posted here and on other boards. I have seen some flower pot holders that I would like to build.

The question is do any of you fellows have plans or advice on building a machine that I could roll rings from rebar that you would care to share? I would appreciate any and all help that is offered.

I hope that I am not doing any wrong but I will post a link to my web page and you can see what I am up too in shop.


At the bottom of the first page is a link to photobucket.com that has some pic.

Thanks for any help.