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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie C View Post
    Thanks Mossyoak, here is what I finally came up with. You can roll different size rebar if you want to make the dies for the size that you are going to bend.

    What you discribe seems like a good way also but as you said it could bite you bad.
    Dam that picture link did not work well at all, sorry.
    hey...this is my first post to this forum...This is great! do you know what size the pulley would need to be for a 10" ring?

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    wow. that things awesome nice job on it

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    If it helps, rebar in the US comes in different grades. Grade 40, grade 60, grade 75, and ungraded. The numbers basically stand for the yield strength in thousands of psi. More importantly to this thread it means how easy it is to cut and bend. Grade 40 cuts and bends easily compared to grade 75. Ungraded can have hard spots in it etc.
    I used to buy it here by the ton or by the thousand feet from the steel mills when I was building commerical and had to designate the grade. HTH.

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