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    Thumbs up Converting Big Tex to Tilt Bed

    Newbie here. Just bought a 211 Autoset. What a nice machine. I have an old Big Tex 16' trailer. I'm sick of dealing with the ramps. I also hate that any vehicle I want to tow that has low clearance hi-centers unless I jack the tongue way up in the air. I want to convert to a tilt bed. I'm thinking of something like the Speedloader MX or one of the Mauer tilt beds. I have no experience with hydraulics but would like to have this with a hydraulic lift rather than a jack.
    Any Suggestions?
    PS This site is incredible!!!

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    Maybe look on craigslist or ebay for a used log splitter, and adapt it to work?

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    I've seen a few of these trailer not powered. Just a hydraulic push / pull cylinder with a single hose to each fitting. Un-pin the trailer walk down the trailer to lower, drive car / equipment up the trailer to lower, reset pin, chain / strap car / equipment down, away you go.
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    Thirty five years or so ago I made a redneck tilt trailer. Cash was tight, young family, old dirt track car, so I made it from the frame of a mobile home, axles and all.

    Mobile home springs are stiff so they worked almost like not having any springs at all.

    I put a pivot point in front of the front axle for the tongue assembly. The way it worked was I would remove the catch and the trailer would tilt. It only took a hundred pounds to make it tilt back up for securing the tongue assumbly to the trailer.

    What I would do is pull the catch. Then I would place wood blocks in front of the front tires. I would pull the trailer forward enough to rest the front axle tires on the blocks. I would then back the car off and it would tilt when the weight shifted to the rear. Loading it up involved driving the car onto the trailer until the weight transfer brought the trailer frame and tongue assembly together. The catch was locked and I was ready to tie it down and haul butt.

    A couple of years later I sold the racecar and trailer. The new owner of the trailer paid me to attach a hydraulic jack to replace using the blocks. I used a replacement cylinder with a hand pump off of an engine cherry picker.

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