I just joined this forum because I was looking for alternatives to welding for a puppet stage project I have in mind. I didn't know where else to go.

I know a shop where the weld aluminum tube on a regular basis. In my case, the heaviest material I will want to use is 1x1 x .060"square tubing (probably .030 wall if I can). But, they say that welding the thin-wall stuff is a problem because the process tends to blast away the base material.

So, I am looking for alternatives to welding. Here are some options I am considering, but am unsure what will be the best choice;

- Using flat "L" brackets or triangular gussets and riveting
those to the frame.
- Same as above, but epoxying to the frame.
- Fiberglassing the joint.

Any comments or other ideas?

Joe Dunfee